I’ve always struggled with welcomes. There is so much to say and so many ways to say what I want.

But hello. Thank you for stopping past my little corner of thoughts and dreams and words. For so long, the dearest of people in my life have told me that I should share my thoughts, that somewhere I should be processing the wonderings I have in my mind. I have put it off and avoided it, but the time has come where I need somewhere to output my thoughts, and also get feedback on what I think.

I am in no means someone who knows it all, rather I revel in the knowledge that I will never know it all. Instead I would rather tease out the mysteries of heaven and Earth and find some place where I can happily coexist between understanding and the unknown. I invite you to come along this journey with me, to ask yourself questions and to challenge your thoughts and beliefs of what you understand and what you do not know.

Peace xo.