Australia is burning, so what can we do?

My heart is aching right now. So much of our precious land is under fire, literal or metaphorical currently, and it seems that the people in power are doing very little to stop it or even slow the process. As a single human being, it can be so easy to feel like we have no ability to stop this rolling dumpster fire of an issue from consuming any more.

Fires burn in Tasmania and Victoria, threatening homes, lives and unique stretches of land that have been growing long before we called this land Australia. Fish are dying in crazy algal blooms throughout the Murray-Darling system, due to lack of water from irrigation. Drought wracks much of our food bowl and even further up. Towns are running out of water, families are selling their farms and their animals in a last attempt to survive. In Far North Queensland, the monsoonal rains have arrived and have flooded towns and rivers, Cape York has been cut off from fresh food supplies and petrol. First Nations remote communities are being shut down and cut off from their utilities, their children locked up in jail, their adults demonised and forced into cashless welfare card schemes, all in the name of “helping” these people to manage their lives and fit into the westernized, “Australian” ideal of what life should look like. Young people, Indigenous Australians, LGBTQ+ communities, regional and rural communities, women, people with disabilities, immigrants and refugees are all being ignored and silenced in the pursuit of furthering the ideal of one particular group in society.

It is enough to make a person blaze with anger and yet the more I sit with it, the more I feel called to action.

This is what this is. A call to action.

You have a voice. It is small and it is vital to the furthering of our community. I’m not going to sit here and tell you who to vote for, or what to do. But you need to awaken, dear hearts, to the issues that are scorching our land. Get involved in your community, learn the issues that face your people and do something. Our inaction and ignorance is causing us to lose wildlife, land and the ability to sustain our own existance. If we are meant to be the caretakers of our land, we’re doing a pretty crappy job of it at present and need to do more than just eliminate plastic and recycle more (which are still good things and you should totally do them!).

Finally, a quote from one of my favourite movies, V for Vendetta

People shouldn’t be afraid of their governments, governments should be afraid of their people’

Peace xo

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